• About

      Dominicus Medicus improves the safe and effective use of medicines all over the world. Dominicus Medicus is based on a solid, scientific background and a lot of experience. We are internationally oriented, with experience in national, European, African and worldwide activities. 

    • Hanneke Dominicus is the founder of this company. After many years of working in the medicines regulation as pharmacovigilance and expert for the European Medicines Agency, Hanneke decided to be employed for a couple of years at the Ministry of Health and the Health Council in the Netherlands. There she was able to round out her knowledge with public health.
      Her specialty has always been vaccination, and as such she contributed to, amongst others, pharmacovigilance during the influenza pandemic and the national vaccination in the Netherlands.
      Her excellent skills in editing and writing spring from a study in Dutch language and her being the owner of a Medical Editing company in the nineties.
      Key words: accurate, swift and scientific.

    • An extensive network, and the continuing efforts to keep up with current state of the science, will guarantee the high standards of the services of Dominicus Medicus Consultancy.